Coronavirus Pandemic Fundraising

Dear Friends,

The coronavirus pandemic is threatening everyone’s well-being in our community. Schools and restaurants have been closed. The hospitals are in urgent need of medical equipment and supplies.
At this critical moment, the local Chinese community including CASEC and a few other non-profit organizations started a fundraiser to help local hospitals, and families and senior citizens impacted.
We are calling on all local Chinese Americans to face the challenge with a positive attitude, keep calm and not to spread rumors. With efforts of the community as a whole, we will definitely win the war against the coronavirus.

Fundraising organizers:
The Chinese Association of Science, Education & Culture of South Florida (CASEC)
Federation of Florida Chinese Association (FFCA)
America- China Enterprise Chamber of Commerce-Florida Chapter

Donation methods, please write in memo donor’s name and purpose.
1. Zelle transfer:, To: Florida Chinese
2. Write a check to CASEC。Write on the backside “For deposit only to BOA x9559”, then take photos of front and back and send to:

We greatly appreciate your support!